Steven Hunt

Steven Hunt

UK Department for International Development
Senior Energy and Innovation Advisor


Steven Hunt has been an Energy Advisor at the UK Department for International Development (DFID) for six years. He initially worked on policy and other programmes, including leading the UK’s position on the energy SDG process, leading the development of Results-Based Financing for Low Carbon Energy Access (RBF) and Green Mini-Grids Africa, and acting as a senior advisor in the development of the Energy Africa campaign supporting household solar market acceleration in Africa. He is currently leading a series of energy innovation programmes at DFID, including Transforming Energy Access, which includes support to the Energise Africa Crowdfunding initiative and the recently approved Low Energy Inclusive Appliances programme, as part of the Efficiency for Access Coalition. Hunt also leads DFID’s participation in the SEforALL Mini-Grids Partnership and has recently written or overseen a number of papers on the mini-grids sector, including green mini-grids. Hunt has been working on clean energy access issues for more than 12 years, including six years at Practical Action Consulting where he led the team who produced the first Poor People’s Energy Outlook. He has degrees in engineering and design from Glasgow, Groningen and Cambridge and started his career in product development consultancy at The Technology Partnership.










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