Ruben Walker

Ruben Walker

African Clean Energy (ACE)


Ruben Walker is the commercial director and co-founder of African Clean Energy (ACE). Based out of Amsterdam, it’s his job to develop new markets for the company and its flagship product, the ACE 1 Solar Biomass Cookstove. ACE currently has subsidiaries in Lesotho, Uganda and Cambodia. The ACE 1 eliminates smoke and burns biomass highly efficiently, while providing households with electricity, which has significant implications for health, environment, and socio-economics in developing countries. Ruben's passion is pioneering innovation in this sector; both through product development, and smart distribution methods. African Clean Energy have vertically integrated the distribution of the ACE 1 by offering mobile payment enabled credit terms to low-income households. Ruben has a degree in environmental engineering from Monash University in Melbourne, Australia.










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