Rebekah Shirley

Rebekah Shirley

Power for All
Director of Research


Dr. Rebekah Shirley is Director of Research, Power for All. She is also currently a Visiting Research Scholar at Strathmore University, in Nairobi, Kenya, where she lives. She remains an Affiliated Research Fellow with the Energy and Resources Group (ERG) at the University of California, Berkeley where she recently completed her doctoral studies. She previously obtained a MSc. Energy and Resources and a MSc. Civil Engineering at UC Berkeley. Her doctoral research focused on designing integrated modeling frameworks to support long range energy planning with a focus on Southeast Asia. Her current research explores opportunities for integrating decentralized energy technologies into electricity markets of Sub-Saharan Africa and building applications for data aggregation in the sector. Shirley is a University of California Chancellor's Fellow and has won grants from institutions such as the Department of Energy, Mott Foundation and Rainforest Foundation that support her work.










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