Petrus Lamba Awang

Petrus Lamba Awang

Kamanggih Village and Sumba Iconic Island
Civil Engineer


Petrus Lamba Awang (Petu) was born in the village of Kamanggih and as a student in junior high school in 1999 witnessed IBEKA installing the first clean water supply using a 11 KW solar pumping system.  Till then women and children had to fetch and carry water.  Because of his enthusiasm, IBEKA sponsored Petu to study further in technical high school in Central Java, and in the University of Diponegoro. Having graduated as a civil engineer, he returned to start working for his local community and meet their energy needs by developing micro hydro, installing wind turbines and utilising biogas.  Currently he is still working for Kamanggih village and Sumba Iconic Island, a program that plans to electrify the island by using 100% renewable energy by 2020.










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