Mark Lister

Mark Lister

Copenhagen Centre on Energy Efficiency
Head of Centre


Mark Lister heads the Copenhagen Centre on Energy Efficiency, the global efficiency hub of Sustainable Energy for All, which aims to double the rate of global energy efficiency improvement by 2030. The Centre is accelerating working models for energy efficiency investment in key sectors in a range of countries and cities. Lister has a diverse background in sustainability, finance and energy policy. After starting out in corporate finance, he specialised in energy efficiency almost 20 years ago and has become a leading advocate for expanded energy efficiency deployment. During that time he has headed an ESCO association, founded a cross-sectoral energy efficiency NGO, worked on grassroots projects in Sub-Saharan Africa, and lectured in postgraduate sustainable energy courses. He also worked with ADB in the Philippines working to facilitate and scale up climate technology and energy efficiency investments in the Asia-Pacific.










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