M. Yasmina McCarty

M. Yasmina McCarty

Head of Mobile for Development


Yasmina McCarty is the Head of Mobile for Development at the GSMA, where she is responsible for nine global initiatives delivering mobile innovations in financial services, health, agriculture, digital identity, energy, water, sanitation, disaster resilience and gender equality. Her work at GSMA's Mobile for Development brings together mobile operators, tech innovators, donors, governments and policymakers, and to date has had an impact on 30 million people in 45 countries. Before joining the GSMA, she co-founded GreenMango, a social enterprise in India, helping low-income entrepreneurs grow their businesses. As CEO of GreenMango, McCarty was recognized as a TED India Fellow, Echoing Green Fellow, and Cartier Women’s Initiative Asia Laureate. McCarty also worked in microfinance at Women’s World Banking and ACCION USA, developing customer insights and financial products in emerging markets. She holds an MBA from the London Business School and Columbia Business School and a BS from Northwestern University. In 2017 she was named a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader.










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