Luis Costa

Luis Costa

Board Member


Luís Costa is a founding Partner at GET2C where he assists in the company´s overall strategy, supervises the development of the energy business and is project manager for different climate finance, energy and carbon projects. He has more than 12 years of experience in financial, energy and carbon markets, including serving on the Advisory Team of the 50M€ private New Energy Fund and as manager of the 120 M€ Luso Carbon Fund. Costa has advised the UNDP, SEA, Gates Foundation and various national governments and a range of private sector clients on climate change and renewable energy issues around the world. He has developed capacity building on climate change negotiations and climate finance for the Ministry of Energy and for the Moroccan Agency for Solar Energy. He was also a key contributor to the Renewable Energy Scale-Up facility and Green FIDC climate finance instrument ideas, which were both selected by the Climate Lab as innovative, transformative climate finance instruments. He worked previously as a project manager in several renewable energy and transmission and distribution projects in countries such as Brazil, Ethiopia, Tunisia, Morocco, Angola, Mozambique, Romania, Spain and Portugal. He is an Electrical and Computer Engineering graduate from the New University of Lisbon and has an MBA from the New University of Lisbon.










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