Jonathan Cedar

Jonathan Cedar

CEO and Co-Founder


Jonathan Cedar is CEO and co-founder of BioLite, a social enterprise that develops and manufactures clean, affordable energy systems for off-grid communities around the world. The company’s first products are wood-burning stoves which reduce toxic smoke emissions by 90% while generating electricity to charge cell phones and LED lights. BioLite follows a model of “parallel innovation” in which it funds the one-time market establishment costs for it’s emerging markets by reinvesting revenue from product sales in US and European recreation markets. In 2011, Business Week named Jonathan one America’s Top Social Entrepreneurs, and together with BioLite has won the 2012 Tech Awards, 2014 and 2012 Fast Company Innovation By Design Awards, and 2011 St. Andrews Prize for the Environment. Before starting BioLite, Jonathan was a Senior Design Engineer at Smart Design, a New York based product development consultancy, where he led teams that created consumer durable products ranging from housewares to biomedical devices. Jonathan holds a BA in engineering and environmental science from Dartmouth College.










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