James Spalding

James Spalding

Itaipu Binacional (Paraguay)
General Director


James Spalding is the Paraguayan General Director of ITAIPU Binacional, the world leader in both accumulated hydroelectric energy generation (over 2.4 billion MWh) and annual energy generation, having reached 103,098,366 MWh in 2016. ITAIPU Binacional, located on the Paraná River, is jointly owned by Paraguay and Brazil, through ANDE and ELETROBRAS respectively and with an installed capacity of 14,000 MW, is the second largest hydroelectric dam in the world. Mr. Spalding has previously served as Ambassador of Paraguay to the United States, Minister of Finance, Vice-Minister of Economy and Integration, Vice-Minister of Commerce, CEO of Petróleos Paraguayos, and Vice-Minister of Integration. He has also been Director of the Executive Board of Financiera El Comercio, Dean of the School of Economics and Administrative Sciences of Universidad Americana, and consultant for the Evaluation Office of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).










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