Clare Shakya

Clare Shakya

International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED)
Director, Climate Change


Clare Shakya is the Director of IIED’s Climate Change Group. She has over 25 years of experience in development, in climate, energy and natural resources. She spent 15 years with DFID where she led Asia and then Africa Division’s climate change response, integrating climate change thinking and finance into DFID's development interventions. She is interested in politically astute, agile processes that learn iteratively about what climate action works and how to support a just transformation to a climate positive future. Clare is responsible for the oversight of the propositional research of IIED’s climate change group and their strategy to deliver the SDGs in a 1.5oC world. She supports LDC climate negotiators develop an initiative to build their capability to leapfrog to a modern distributed smart grid. She works with the group on getting climate finance to the local level, to support poor people’s priorities for climate positive action. And on building southern capabilities so as to end fly in fly out technical assistance. She is also a strategic adviser on transformational change to the Infrastructure, Cities and Economic Development programme, providing advice and challenge across the programme as well as technical support on energy, water and effective communication of learning.










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