Chebet Lesan

Chebet Lesan

Founder and Chief Executive Officer


Chebet Lesan is Founder and Chief Executive Officer of BrightGreen, a Kenyan company that designs and produces eco-friendly charcoal from agro and organic waste. Between 2016 and 2018, BrightGreen sold over 500 tons of briquettes, saving customers upwards of $35,000, impacting the lives of more than 50,000 Kenyans, preserving 5,000 tons of trees, and providing livelihoods for over 100 value chain actors, including 30 women distributors. In 2017, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II honored Lesan with the Queen’s Young Leaders Award. She is also a recipient of Kenya’s Ministry of Energy Innovation Award, Australia Award Fellowship, MIT D-lab Fellowship, Mandela Washington Fellowship and a One Young World Ambassador and Speaker.










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