The Energy Access Dividend- Data that Informs and Influences

Wednesday, May 2nd: 14:30 - 16:00 - Belém

HOST: Power for All

This partner working session explores the data for understanding impacts of energy access. Rigorous yet user-friendly tools for assessing the benefits of different electrification approaches are critical to empowering decision-makers with the ability to compare energy access plans and maximize benefits to energy poor communities and achievement of the broad SDG objectives. This session will bring together data-experts from across geographic, disciplinary and sectoral boundaries to discuss the Energy Access Dividend concept and its role in making the link between energy access and achieving the SDGs. We will highlight relevant data, existing, pipeline and gaps, and craft a roadmap for building out the concept. Partners engaged include Power for All, SEforALL, ODI, Acumen, GOGLA and Duke University.

Rebekah Shirley Director of Research Power for All
Heather Adair-Rohani Team Leader on Household Energy and Health World Health Organization
Linda Davis Director of Partnerships wPOWER Hub
Marc Jeuland Associate Professor of Public Policy and Global Health Duke University
Leslie Labruto Associate Director of Global Energy Acumen
Vivian Vendeirinho Founder and Managing Director RVE.SOL