The Deep Dive: Country Action

Tuesday, April 4th: 12:15 - 13:15 - Main Stage

Leaders talk about the successes and barriers they face in securing modern energy services for their citizens


Despite advancements in technologies, business models, and new pools of finance, countries are not embracing off grid solutions quickly or systematically enough. Those that do are making swift progress in reducing energy poverty, closing the energy access gap cleanly and resiliently, and increasing the share of renewables in total final energy consumption (TFEC) – but none are doing enough, yet. As of 2014, 1.05 billion, predominantly in low/low-middle income countries, still did not have electricity access, while 3.04 billion people did not have access to clean fuels for cooking, and we are not yet on track to double the renewable energy share in the global TFEC.

As discussed in the 2016 World Energy Outlook, a transformation of power market design, one that integrates renewables, efficiency and expanded energy access, requires structural changes to the design and operation of what we now think of as energy systems. These systemic changes will enable the integration of modern, sustainable and affordable energy for all, and lead to the future “business as usual” case for energy planning and provision.

The Global Tracking Framework notes that several countries are beginning to work on policies focused on integration of variable renewable energy sources into their systems. However, policy is not yet catching up with rapid deployment of electric vehicles and their possible role as enabler for better integration of variable renewable energy sources. Critical to expanding renewable energy’s share is upgrading and expanding existing transmission infrastructure to continue to increase variable renewable energy supplies and overcome current curtailments.

Andrew Herscowitz Coordinator Power Africa - USAID
Dr. Nawal Al-Hosany Executive Director, Sustainability and Brand, and Director of the Zayed Future Energy Prize Masdar
Cristian Gutierrez Vice Minister, Ministry of Envrionment Chile
H.E. Valentin Rybakov Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Republic of Belarus 
Christian Zinglersen Head of Secretariat, Clean Energy Ministerial CEM Denmark