Cooling for All- Creating Markets for Sustainable Cooling Solutions

Thursday, May 3rd: 14:30 - 16:00 - Alfama

HOST: Sustainable Energy for All

Sustainable Energy for All is in the process of finalizing a breakthrough report looking at how sustainable cooling solutions can be provided to all who need them. This Partner Working Session will build on the Deep Dive panel discussion held on 2 May and invite the audience to hear more from cooling practitioners.

The audience then will have to roll up their sleeves and help the Cooling for All team think through how market-based sustainable solutions can be provided for 4 key target groups: a) those living in poverty in rural areas with very limited access to electricity; b) very low- income groups living in high density, poor quality housing; c) an aspiring lower middle class with increasing incomes; d) middle income families living in good quality housing or in modernizing cities.

The results of the discussions will help to inform the final recommendations for the report to be published in July 2018 as well as helping to seed ideas for new program designs.

Alan Miller Climate finance and policy specialist Independent consultant
Steve Kukoda Vice President/Executive Director International Copper Alliance
Clay Nesler Vice President, Global Sustainability and Industry Initiatives, Building Technologies and Solutions Johnson Controls
Julia Panzer Director of Strategic Communications Danfoss
Toby Peters Professor in Cold Economy Birmingham University
Lily Riahi Advisor on Sustainable Cities UN Environment
Emma Stewart Director, Urban Efficiency & Climate WRI Ross Center For Sustainable Cities
Xiao Wang Programme Officer Copenhagen Center on Energy Efficiency
Heike Carl Zatterstrom Chief Communications Officer Boson Energy