Arbind Kumar Mishra

Arbind Kumar Mishra

Hon. Member, National Planning Commission


Arbind Kumar Mishra is a Member of the National Planning Commission (NPC) in the Government of Nepal, ranked at par with an assistant minister. In his portfolio covering Energy and ICT, he advises on the formulation of national strategies, coordinates policy across the public sector, and monitors major projects. Dr. Mishra completed his PhD in Electrical Engineering from Doshisha University, Kyoto, Japan, and has been a post-doctoral fellow at UPV, Valencia, Spain. Dr. Mishra has worked as a senior consultant in electrical engineering in Nepal and has served in several technical committees of the Nepal Electricity Authority. He was also the advisor for National Association of Community Electricity Users Nepal. He is an international resource person for utilities engineers in the field of electrical transmission and distribution planning including protection coordination and renewable energy technologies. Dr. Mishra is widely published in renowned journals in the field of electrical engineering, including IEEE, IET, IEE Japan, among others. He has received several medals and notes of commendation for his contributions in the field of electrical engineering and engineering education.










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