Dr. Naoko Ishii

Dr. Naoko Ishii

Global Environment Facility (GEF)
Chief Executive Officer and Chairperson


Dr. Naoko Ishii has been the Chief Executive Officer and Chairperson of the Global Environment Facility (GEF) since 2012. Being an independently operating financial organization that provides grants for projects related to the global environment, GEF is the world’s largest public funder of environmental projects. Prior to joining GEF, Dr. Ishii, was Deputy Vice Minister of Finance of Japan, responsible for Japan's international financial and development policies, and its global policies on environmental issues such as climate change and biodiversity. She led the Japanese delegation at the Transition Committee for designing the Green Climate Fund. Dr. Ishii’s career at the Ministry of Finance began in 1981 focusing on international development issues. She has served on many assignments outside Japan, including at the World Bank in Sri Lanka, the Maldives and Vietnam, and the International Monetary Fund in Africa and Asia. Dr. Ishii holds a BA and PhD from University of Tokyo, and is a recipient of several prizes including the 2006 Enjoji Jiro Memorial Prize.










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